Living the Dream

New Year’s Thoughts - Prospects, Predictions, Postulations

January 7, 2016

In this episode Dave (@withsobersenses) and Jon (@jonpiccini) take some time to reflect on 2015 and go through the entrails to make some predictions about 2016. What happened in 2015 and what does it tell us about capitalism and the struggle against it? And how do we even try to make sense of it all?

Articles and writers mentioned are:

A panel on the work of Lisa Vogel’s  Marxism and The Oppression of Women

Prabhat Patnaik on Capitalism and Its Current Crisis

Dave’s previous writing on #TURC can be found here and here

Lara Tingle on POLITICAL AMNESIA How We Forgot How To Govern

Doug Henwood on Age of the Unicorn: How the Fed Tried to Fix the Recession, and Created the Tech Bubble

Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron on the Californian Ideology

Nick Southall on Getting the Gong – A Tale of Two Cities

Angela Mitropoulo’s work can be found at s0metim3s

Music by Dilemmas