Living the Dream

Living the Dream with ScoMo

July 19, 2019

Now that the hot-takes have gone cold and are stale as bricks @JonPiccini and @withsobersenses  take out their artisanal slow-cooker take on the recent Australian Federal election. Why did we get it so wrong? Why did #changetherules suck? What will a Morrison Coalition government look like and what does it mean for our strategy?

CW: This show contains a discussion of misogyny and domestic violence.

Stuff we mention includes:

Elizabeth Humphrys – We Live in Anti-Political Times

Amy Thomas - Federal election 2019: What the hell just happened? Five arguments

Jeremy Poxon, Tash Heenan & Jon Piccini - Australia Needs A Green New Deal, Not More Centrism

Music by Class War

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