Living the Dream

Living The Dream Whilst #qldvotes2017

November 20, 2017

In this special #qldvotes2017 episode of Living The Dream Jon (@jonpiccini) and Dave (@withsobersenses) engage in all the froth and illusion of electoral politics. We chat about the broader situation in Queensland and the impact of the slowdown of capital accumulation and the rise in state debt and the general degeneration of all the major parties. What is the ALP government all about and why is it so boring? What is left of the LNP and what kind of reactionary mindblowingness is One Nation engaged in now? Why are power bills rising and why are the mainstream solutions so shit?


We end the podcast with a chat about the revitalised and radical campaign of the Greens. Can this contribute to radically changing society? What are its promises and what are its limitations? Can elections play any role in anti-capitalist strategy? If so what? Is this a new way forward or old-school recuperation?


Some of the stuff we mention is:


Policing Newman’s Crisis: Law and order, hegemony and the State


Roads to Nowhere – Capital’s Plan A


Thwaites Report


Grattan Institute on Energy


Refusing Survival: What Happens If We Don’t Save the World From Climate Change?

by Nicholas Beuret