Living the Dream

Living The Dream in 2018

January 31, 2018

Welcome to 2018! In this episode Jon (@JonPiccini) and Dave (@withsobersenses) look into the swirling mists of the crystal ball of class struggle and try to work out what’s going on in 2018 and what happened in 2017. It’s a wide ranging chat about race, class, Invasion Day, strikes that didn’t happen and plebiscites. Will the experiments in radical social democracy continue to gain traction? What’s #changetherules all about? What plans do thinkers for capital have if any at all? Is capital accumulation chugging along nicely or is a debt fuelled financial crisis about to explode? What about bananacoin? All this and more!

 Stuff we talk about includes:

Novara Media - Faultlines: Liz Fekete on Racism, Europe and the New Right

Ben Pennings - Buying Time To Beat Adani

Tony Birch – On Sovereignty

Endnotes – The Holding Pattern

IMF - World Economic Outlook Update, January 2018

IMF – Credit Booms – Is China Different

Uluru -Statement from the Heart

Humphrey McQueen - 150 years young Marx's Capital