Living the Dream

Living The Dream with Anarchy and its Allies

November 24, 2021

In this episode Dave (@withsobersenses) chats with two anarchist comrades Tommy (@correnterosso) and Charlie about Tommy’s recent article Anarchy and Its Allies: The United Front and the Groupings of Tendency and the related rise in anarcho-communist organisations in Australia.  We chat about how anarchism is developing andthe current appeal of Platformism and Especifismo . Topics of discussion include the role a theoretical framework plays and where it comes from, class composition and the history of organisations, and the relationship of revolutionaries to class struggle.


A key text mentioned is Social Anarchism and Organisation


Tommy is a member of Geelong Anarcho-Communists  and says sorry for how they pronounced the group TMA

Charlie is a member of Black Flag Sydney


They recommend reading Red and Black Notes


You used to be able to find the archives of the Mutiny Zine at Jura but their website is having issues.

Music by Ernst Busch

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