Living The Dream with a UBI whilst fighting against racism and for public housing

September 26, 2018

In this episode Dave(@withsobersenses) chats again with Michael. We talk about a recent article he wrote on Universal Basic Income and the debates it sparked with proponents of a Jobs Guarantee, his attendance at and thoughts on Tim Soutphommasane’s recent Whitlam Institute speech on combating racism, and Michael’s participation in recent struggles for increased Public Housing.


Stuff we mention includes:

 Michael Thorn – Is There Room for Universal Basic Income in Australia

 Tim Soutphommasane - Confronting the Return of Race Politics

 The Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union


Living the Dream after the Plebiscite and amongst the Alt-Right

September 16, 2018

In this episode Dave (@withsobersenses) and Jon (@jonpiccini) catch up with Simon Copland (@SimonCopland) ‏ again. We talk about how despite the plebiscite being a fantastic victory the Left (for lack of a better term) seems determined to see it as a defeat and what the impact of this is. Simon also talks about going to, live tweeting from and then writing about a recent Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux talk and his thoughts about how the struggle against reaction can be renovated.

Things we mention include:

Simon Copland - Racists on speaking tour: rethinking our response

Alison Pennington - On the Plebiscite: Beyond Defeatism, Moralism and the Politics of Scarcity

Red Action - Declaration Of Independence

You can find Simon’s work here and our older episode with him here .


Living The Dream with the National Disability Insurance Scheme Ep 2

September 5, 2018

In this episode Dave (@withsobersenses) chats with friend of the show Michael. Michael talks about how the NDIS has changed the experience of those that work in care and community services, how it has impacted work conditions and how it has undermined the kind of care that those on the NDIS receive. We also talk about what does this mean for struggle around these issues? What are the unions doing? What are the workers doing? How does this impact with a larger question about the struggle against poverty in Australian society?

This is the second show we have done on the NDIS. Our first episode can be found here