Living the Dream in 2017

January 27, 2017

In this episode of Living The Dream  Jon (@jonpiccini ) and Dave (@withsobersenses) go through the entrails with an inverted periscope to try to see what we should expect for 2017. We chat about Invasion Day and the rising tide of Indigenous struggles, the Centrelink debacle, anti-Road protests and more. We are pretty optimistic about the year ahead and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Articles, people and groups we mentioned or are relevant:

Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance –WAR

Celeste Liddle

Amy McQuire

Police Clash With Flag-Burning Protesters At Invasion Day March In Sydney

White Purity

The Safety Pin and the Swastika

How the Centrelink debt debacle failure rate is much worse than we all thought

Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’

Cottle, A. (2011), 'The Colour-line and the Third Period: A Comparative Analysis of American and Australian Communism and the Question of Race, 1928-1934', American Communist History, vol 10, no 2 , pp 119 - 131.

Working for the Class: The Praxis of the Wollongong Out of Workers’ Union

Anti Poverty Network SA


We play music from A.B. Original and DISPOSSESSED They are rad – support them.


#WTF2016 ? Living The Dream takes the down bound Trump Train out of here

December 22, 2016



In this episode of Living the Dream Jon (@jonpiccini) and Dave (@withsobersenses) talk about the weird as hell political environment of the Age of Trump. Was 2016 the worst year ever? Are we caught in the midst of a rising reactionary wave? And why do the failures of the liberal establishment feel to so many people to be failures of the Left? (And what is the Left? Are we the Left?) What’s with the amateur sociology about voting demographics that is everywhere now? Do we really have to choose between identity politics and Left economic populism? Where can we draw hope from and what about the historical experience of working class anti-racism? All this and more!

Articles/organisations we refer to include:

Behind the News with Doug Henwood

Hard Crackers  From A Small New England Town As Told To Noel Ignatiev

The Weimar Analogy

KING: There’s a huge education level drop-off with the Trump cabinet picks

Tsiolkas - The Second Coming The Politics Of Rage Won’t Let Us Listen To One Another

Many in Milwaukee Neighborhood Didn’t Vote — and Don’t Regret It

It Was My Primal Scream

Revolutionary Hillbilly: An Interview With Hy Thurman of the Young Patriots Organization

Ghassan Hage – Recalling anti-racism

Knives out for Hanson staffer Ashby, accused of profiting off candidates


The great student swindle: how young people are being ripped off

Music by Sharon Jones and Dap-kings and Joe Pug

And watch this footage of this amazing  meeting between the Black Panthers and the Young Patriots.

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Living the Dream whilst Organising in Your Workplace

December 11, 2016

In this episode of Living The Dream, Dave (@withsobersenses ) chats with Carmen about the Workplace Organising 101 training she recently provided in Brisbane. Carmen talks about the purpose and structure of this training, its relationship to anarcho-syndicalism and reflects critically on the contribution it can play to developing our collective power and overcoming capitalism.

Organisations mentioned include:

Brisbane IWW

Freie Arbeiterinnen- und Arbeiter-Union (FAU)


Music by Dolly Parton and Marianne Faithful


Living the Dream has an #altright time in Melbourne

December 7, 2016

In this episode of Living the Dream Dave (@withsobersenses) chats with Kieran (@Kieran Bennett) about a recent Melbourne counter-rally to a Trump celebration rally  ostensibly organised by #altright types and attended by local fascists and neo-Nazis. From here Kieran lets us know who is who in the fascist zoo in Australia, the social phenomena behind the far-right and we discuss what a relevant anti-capitalist practice might be that can defeat the fascists and offer a genuine emancipatory alternative to the issues that we all face.

Kieran blogs at Kieran’s Review and is a member (of the perhaps soon to be rebranded) Anarchist Affinity

Articles and things  we refer to include:

Angry Workers of the World

Ghassan Hage – Recalling Anti-racism

Ben Hillier –  ‘All that is holy was profaned’: the year that was, and the politics we need (Ben recommends you also read ‘Post-truth politics’ isn’t peak populism, it’s peak liberal capitalism and suggests that my read of his argument is wrong.)

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism


Do We Need To Talk About Donald? Living the Dream on the US Election

November 2, 2016

In this episode of Living The Dream Jon (@jonpiccini) and Dave (@withsobersenses) talk about the US Election and the phenomenon of Donald Trump. We aren’t interest so much is speculations about what is going on in the US but rather what the different ways Trump and Clinton are talked about in Australia tells us about what is going on in Australia.


Articles we refer to include:


Debating Deplorables: How the Left Can (and Cannot) Win Trump Voters


 Sympathy for the Devil?


Theses on the New European Fascism


Time to hail Hillary Clinton – and face down the testosterone left


How the working class became white


Queer Kids for Full Communism: Living the Dream with the Queer Liberation Front

September 20, 2016

In this episode of Living the Dream Dave (@withsobersenses) chats with Angus from the Queer Liberation Front. Angus lets us know what the QLF are all about, what they have been doing and what they are up to. Angus talks about the QLF's praxis and how this collective of young queer people are attempting to generate a radical anticapitalist politics, how hegemony and aesthetics fit together and how this all relates to the current "Brisbane Moment' that is going on. And then we finish it all off with a track from Los Crudos


On dissolving the people: Living the Dream on #ausvotes2016

July 14, 2016

In this episode of LivingThe Dream Jon (@jonpiccini) and Dave (@withsobersenses) have a chat aboutthe recent election. It isn’t a chat about if the result is ‘good’ or ‘bad’but rather how does it fit into, and what does it tell us, about the current momentin capitalism in Australia and class struggle?We also try to work out therelationship between the electoral return of Pauline Hanson and the deepcurrent of racism in Australia. 

These articles are some we either mention or are on topic


TheElection That Solved Nothing – Tad Tietze


TheAnti–Industrial Relations Club – Frank Bongiorno


The Greens are aparty of the affluent middle classes – Ben Hillier


Howwe stopped Pauline Hanson last time – Tess Lee Ack


TheyDon’t Represent Us: The Populist Moment – Richard Seymour


Crisisand the Return to the Nation: Dismantling the Right Ecology in Germany –Ben L


Fourwomen arrested in WestConnex protest – Wendy Bacon


Watch Ask Sarkar's 

The Unbearable Whiteness of Brexit - Race, class & the EU Referendum on the streets of Barking.


Colgan, Paul. 2016. Australian Voters Just Put The EntirePolitical Establishment On Notice. Business Insider [cited 14th July 2016].Available from

Phillips, Ben. 2016. Trends in Household Living Standards in Australia: 1990 to 2016.ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods [cited 14th July 2016]. Availablefrom



#SandersofSthBrisbane ? Council elections, social movements & the #RighttotheCity

June 16, 2016

In this episode of Living the Dream Jon (@JonPiccini ) andDave (@withsobersenses) chat with Anna – all-round good egg and comrade pivotalto Radio Reversal and Brisbane Free University –about the successful Brisbane City Council election campaign of Jonathan Sri , the opposition to the WestVillage development and the emergence of struggles around the Right to theCity. What’s going on, how do all these pieces fit together and what do theytell us about struggles within-against-and-beyond capitalism for lives ofdignity?


Related Reading

David Harvey – The Rightto The City

The Economics ofWest Village


Living the Dream - Last Drinks in (the workers) Paradise?

March 14, 2016

In this episode of Living the Dream Jon (@JonPiccini) and Dave( @withsobersenses) talk about the meltdown of politics in Queensland and the failure of the ALP government to carry out a coherent plan to address the decline in capital accumulation and facilitate social reproduction.  Rob Pyne resigning from Labor(#corbynofcairns ?), candidates sending dicks pics and the shared anti-political language of both sides of the referendum campaign show a political class in freefall and deeply out of touch with the concerns of everyday people.

Should we care? Or just point and laugh? What is the relationship of the political to capitalism on a whole and to our struggle against it? How much of this is this a broader and global phenomenon and what can it tell us about life in Queensland?

Articles we refer to include:

The State Infrastructure Plan

Humphrey McQueen - Queensland: a state of mind

Kathleen McLeod  -  “I Will Protect You With My Body” The Case For A Radical Sanctuary Movement To Protect Asylum Seekers In Australia

Andy Paine - Rewriting the political script

Chris O’Kane - State Violence, State Control: Marxist State Theory and the Critique of Political Economy

Mario Tronti – The Political (1979)

Left Flank and An Integral State


Living The Dream ‘Dominant Society Needs A Slap in the Face’: Sovereignty Solidarity & Decolonisation

February 9, 2016

In this episode of Living the Dream Dave (@withsobersenses) chats with Camilla and Eliza from Sovereignty Solidarity.

Sovereignty Solidarity describes their Facebook page as follows:

‘We aim to support First Nations(FN) initiatives for self determination, sovereignty, treaties, and moving forward. We take action based on our understanding of these perspectives and aim to concretely support FN initiatives. We are a non-FN specific page because we believe non-FN  peoples have specific de-colonisation work that we need to do, and that the burden for this should be placed on FN peoples. We welcome input, criticism and support from FN people’

Camilla and Eliza have provided the following relevant links:

Decolonizing Solidarity

First Nations

brisbane aboriginal-sovereign embassy

voices of the 3


black nations rising


Non-First Nations

not our call facebook

allies decolonising

unsettling minnesota


Eliza would like the following qualification added to the title and the podcast: ‘sometimes dominant society needs a slap in the face, like on the 26th January, but sometimes dominant society needs a more gentle-gentle approach. Learning about the history of this country, the legacy of colonialism and our transplanted

place on this land can be a hard journey and if people need empathy through this process it is other non FN people who should do this work.’